Why is a Dental Home important?

Imagine how intimidating it can be for a child to see a dentist for the very first time.  The newness of the environment, and the many different people that your child will come to meet.  Now, multiply this for the case of a dental trauma, if for example the child has broken a tooth, we need to talk about the possibility of needing to take radiographs, or we may even need to restore teeth……Now imagine if the child has a Dental Home that has records of his health and dental history, and the best part is that he already knows the supporting team members and the dentist.  This information is valuable in that we will have established a dentist— patient– parent—relationship.  Parents can be at ease to know that the dentist are aware of how the family dynamics work best and further use the information to help treat the child. Here at CDDSPS, we strive to make each of our patient’s visits a pleasant one.

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